Eliminate Fines, Streamers, Angel Hair and Snake Skins When Conveying Plastic Pellets

HammerTek Smart Elbow deflection elbow

In a pneumatic conveying system, fines, streamers, snake skins and angel hair are common issues associated with the transferring of plastic pellets.  This damage to conveyed material typically creates problems within the system.

When heat-sensitive pellets enter the conveying system, they begin moving at a rapid rate. As they approach a turn in the conveying line, they will slide against the wall of an elbow causing frictional heat, which is the primary contributor to the formation of streamers, snake skins and angel hair. Fines are another issue and are caused by pellets impacting rough conveying surfaces at high velocities.  Fugitive material will then be misdirected into filters, silos, feed hoppers, and other areas that could affect operation. In addition, the damage to the quality of the conveyed material causes a loss in the production value as well as requires installation and maintenance of screens as a last line of defense to trap and collect the damaged product.  The resultant cleanup is an unwanted added cost and causes further loss to production.

The HammerTek® Smart Elbow® deflection elbow is an economical and efficient way to avoid the headache of plant downtime. The design incorporates a spherical chamber that protrudes slightly beyond the radius, causing a ball of pellets suspended inside to rotate. Incoming pellets are cushioned by the rotation in the spherical chamber, and are gently deflected around the bend. Angel hairs and streamers are no longer a problem because frictional heat is virtually eliminated. Maintenance managers in the plastics industry are relieved when they switch their long radius elbows out with a Smart Elbow® deflection elbow finding that they’re able to remain worry free that their pneumatic system will run smoothly.

If streamers and angel hair in your conveying line are problematic or your material is getting damaged by impact or frictional heat, give the HammerTek® Smart Elbow® deflection elbow a try. You can install Smart Elbow® deflection elbows on your line for up to 120 days at no cost. Click here for details.