HammerTek® Smart Elbow® Cuts Offload Time

SMART ELBOW Deflection Elbow

For many plants, efficiency is key for having a profitable facility and system that runs smoothly. A lot of times when shipments come in, the pace of getting material off the truck or rail car can be slow. This is commonly due to waiting for the system to take all the material and transferring it to the convey line. Plant Managers are always trying to find ways to quicken their conveying process and make things more efficient. One company explains how it improved its shipment to silo times by 50 percent.

Robert Ober & Associates is a design/build firm for bulk material handling products. The firm has discovered how the HammerTek® Smart Elbow® deflection elbow has improved many parts of its client’s process, including offload time. Company founder Bob Ober estimates that offload times improved by up to 20 to 30 minutes per load with the deflection elbow design vs. 40 to 60 minutes with long-radius sweep models.

Because about 80 percent of Robert Ober & Associates’ dilute-phase pneumatic transport installations involve offloading of bulk materials from trucks or rail cars into storage silos, transfer times are an important measure of design efficiency. The company optimizes the performance of conveying systems by applying the Smart Elbow deflection elbow to decrease aeration and increase load density, thereby reducing the time a transport driver must wait for material to settle as the silo fills up.

Now the facilities designed by Robert Ober & Associates’ have become more efficient than ever. Additionally, customers are no longer concerned about the materials getting plugged up in their short radius elbows, which instills confidence in the logistics of offloading the material into the silos. If the HammerTek Smart Elbow wasn’t already the best option for your pneumatic conveying system then this is just one more reason why it outperforms the rest.

To see how the HammerTek Smart Elbow has helped other plants in your industry check out www.HammerTek.com.