Too Expensive Compared to What?

If two products look to be nearly the same, either in appearance or in function, most people will select the less costly option. “That other product was too expensive,” is a common refrain among decision makers, post-purchase. Selecting the less costly option can seem beneficial at the time, but when purchasing plant equipment, such as pneumatic elbows, less upfront cost can prove costly in the future.  Your conveying elbows should not be thought of as just another fitting in your conveying line.  Elbows are pivotal in conveying your material from point A to point B.  When an elbow blows out, plants need to consider more than just the replacement and labor costs.

While it may be true that some other manufacturers offer elbows at a fraction of our price, remember that the elbow itself is only one part of the overall equation when determining the impact of installing one into your pneumatic conveying system.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • What is the service-life expectancy of this elbow?
  • Who replaces it? If it’s staff, what could they be doing instead?
  • Is special equipment required to reach it or other elbows?
  • When it starts to fail, are processes and end products compromised?
  • After it’s been replaced, how long does it take to get things back to normal?
  • Are clean-up costs and potential safety hazards an issue?

A HammerTek Smart Elbow deflection elbow virtually eliminates the costs associated with these issues—by eliminating the issues themselves.  The Smart Elbow deflection elbow has a true deflection zone, unlike many competitors, that gives it the ability to eliminate the common impact elbow issues.  HammerTek believes that no company should be exposed to thousands of dollars in unexpected costs, damaged products and reputations, or prolonged downtimes and missed production schedules due to pneumatic conveying system elbow failure.

If price is a concern, we invite you to try out our free, no obligation, ROI calculator.  Simply fill out the brief questionnaire, and a member of the HammerTek team will be in contact shortly to discuss the customized results for your application.  You may quickly discover that the HammerTek solution is less expensive for your company than the initial cost reflects.  Check out the ROI calculator here.