HammerTek Remains Open For Business

by Dan Capwell


The Coronavirus outbreak has increased pressure on HammerTek customers to manufacture vitally needed products. The challenges of maintaining and increasing production while managing unprecedented business disruptions can be daunting.

HammerTek stands ready to support you throughout this period. Our pneumatic convey line elbow experts are online with full access to all HammerTek resources — available to communicate with you in real time via video conferencing, email and phone. Rest assured that HammerTek is expediting all Smart Elbow® inquiries, production and logistics to maintain delivery schedules and fulfill orders on time.

HammerTek customers are a resilient group, consistently overcoming all challenges to provide their customers with essential products. We will all overcome this latest challenge as well. HammerTek is proud to partner with all of you during these difficult times. To reach us, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-505-9665 or email sales@hammertek.com.

All of us here at HammerTek are wishing good health to you, your families and employees.