HammerTek Elbow Room

Eliminate Down Time with the Smart Elbow® Deflection Elbow

by Miaja Cornelius

Smart Elbow(R)Deflection Elbows

Your conveyor system is your company’s lifeline. Anything — make that everything — you can do to keep it performing at peak capacity will carry through to your bottom line. There is nothing “routine” about routine maintenance. When your system is down for any reason, even if just for a few minutes, those few minutes cost real dollars.

That’s why we invented the HammerTek® Smart Elbow® deflection elbow in the first place.

Industries relying on pneumatic, liquid, steam and slurry conveying used to face significant maintenance issues — especially where elbow wear was concerned. Our goal with the HammerTek® Smart Elbow® deflection elbow was to continual downtime due to equipment failure a nuisance of the past.

Over the years, that’s just what we’ve accomplished.

Customers with systems handling the most abrasive materials have seen downtime due to elbow failures reduced to almost nothing. One customer who was replacing sweeps every three or four months saw the lifespan of his elbows jump from a few months to more than six years!

Another customer handling highly abrasive ceramic beads faced significant down time because those beads were doing their job — on his conveyor line. Elbows wore out and had to be replaced on a weekly basis. Today, this customer measures elbow life by years, not days.

If your conveyor line is problematic, if your elbows can’t stand up to the materials you need moved, give the HammerTek® Smart Elbow® deflection elbow a try. You can install a Smart Elbow on your line for up to 120 days at no cost. Just click here for details.